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January 20,2018
EQ India Fund Newsletter
Letter sent to EQ India Fund Investors on 15 January 2018

Dear Investors,

Wish you a Happy & Prosperous 2018.

EQ India Fund has completed 5 months since the launch in July 2017. The performance as on 31st Dec is 29.39% Vs Nifty at 5.09% (time weighted absolute return). Response from investors to this new initiative has been tremendous. We have reached Rs 200 Cr AUM purely on word of mouth enquiries and 100% of your capital is available for investment as there is no distribution/marketing charges.

EQ India Fund is the flagship scheme under the AIF Cat-III license issued to Equity Intelligence by SEBI. As a fund manager, I am very excited looking at the operational conveniences and execution efficiencies it offers. Value Investing is our forte and we have been practicing it as a profession since 2003.

Equity Investors are in a sweet spot not just because of the unprecedented domestic fund flow but due to the visibility India has today in terms of economic growth and corporate earnings. It’s a period of transformation from black to white and unorganized to organized economy. The short-term pain (for the long-term gain) of the much required govt reforms & actions is subsiding down. India in transition offers a special opportunity for investors to invest in turnaround stories in midcap sector.

Team EQ is in continuous learning mode in the structurally changing Indian economy and a disruptive & fast changing world out there. We simply attempt to identify green shoots & red flags in companies, business segments & the economy, ahead of the market to deliver superior return to our investors.

Changing profiles of certain mid-cap companies is one of our focus areas for stock picking; the opportunity will continue for next few years. Hundreds of listed small & medium companies in India have significant business and growth potential; many of them are entering a new growth orbit ameliorating corporate governance, balance sheet quality & shareholder wealth creation – thanks to unprecedented reforms & actions by govt.

New investors who onboarded EQ India Fund this quarter, Welcome! Together, let us move ahead in this endeavour to create substantial sustainable wealth.

Porinju Veliyath

15 January 2018
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