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December 01,2014
Gold is a 6,000-year bubble - Citi
Citi's chief economist Willem Buiter argues that the metal is a "six thousand year-old bubble" with hardly any real value and "intrinsically useless"
Financial Times
May 26,2011
Equity Intelligence eyes beaten-down stocks
Equity Intelligence, the Kochi-based portfolio management company, is all set to offer Extreme Value that aims to generate high return by investing in select, beaten down and ignored stocks with multi-bagger potential.
Business Line
March 02,2011
We're No. 1 (and No. 3)! Surprising Facts About the U.S. and Oil
With the price of oil fluctuating around $100 per barrel, here's a timely question: Where does America get its oil? Some of the answers might surprise you.
Daily Finance
February 02,2011
'Saving is sin, and spending is virtue.'
February 04,2010
"Have Breakfast… or…Be Breakfast!"
Who sells the largest number of cameras in India? Your guess is likely to be Sony, Canon or Nikon. Answer is none of the above. The winner is Nokia whose main line of business in India is not cameras but cell phones.
February 02,2010
Attention, American Investors: Abandon Ship!
If you hadn't already abandoned hope that our government can stop itself from driving our economy into a debt-induced crisis, now's the time to do so.
Neil Weinberg in Forbes.com
December 23,2009
Frank Beck On Currencies
The dollar stumbles through 2010 as sovereign debt downgrades hit close to home.
December 07,2009
Gold Can’t Beat Checking-With-Interest 30 Years After Last Peak
Gold’s best year in three decades has yet to match the returns of an interest-bearing checking account for anyone who bought the most malleable of metals coveted for at least 5,000 years during the last peak in January, 1980.
September 01,2009
Financial crisis? No, capitalism as usual
No major overhaul of capitalism seems on the cards. The rapid transition from despair in March to the stock market boom today suggests that the markets don’t really see the need for great change. The existing system has survived the Great Recession, and that is seen as Great News.
October 26,2008
Don't miss the bus, invest now
The drop in markets is temporary as valuations are very attractive and markets will revert back to mean valuations. As India's growth reappears on the horizon and the global situation stabilises, FIIs will buy again.
Economic Times
September 01,2008
15 of world's top 20 pension funds head for India
Foreign pension funds
May 10,2008
Forget decoupling, the new market buzzword: Recoupling
Forget decoupling. The latest buzzword in global financial markets is recoupling. It argues that the state of the economies across the world is still umbillicaly attached to the US, though Asia is far more insulated than Europe. And within Asia, India with its growth story, is still considered a ‘safe’ haven.
Economic Times
April 21,2008
Fiscal deficit back to record level?
Terrified that surging food prices will cause it to lose the coming state elections, the government has come out with an anti-inflation package ...
Times Of India
March 31,2008
Right time for Value Investing
The effect of the recent stock market crash was bigger than what happened in 1992 during Harshad Mehta scam and in 2000 with regard to Ketan Parekh scam...
Mathrubhumi Dhanakaryam   863 kb
March 10,2008
Is America frightened by 'agricultural terrorism'?
By Sreekumar Raghavan-Are Americans really threatened by imported foods fearing `agricultural terrorism’? The theme could very well make a Hollywood thriller.
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January 20,2018
EQ India Fund Newsletter
March 09,2022
Letter to Investors
July 11,2014
Force Motors | Rs.475
August 03,2020
Sebi may review curbs on MFs’ equity investments
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