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EQ India Fund After 14 years of success in Portfolio Management, a new product from EQ,
which will focus on turnaround stories and emerging opportunities!
Future looks interesting and exciting as Indian economy is steadily and surely undergoing a transformational change. Political management of economy both at Centre and the States is being oriented towards mega development and radical progress. We see host of reforms leading to "one big pattern of eventual migration of economy”. Migration from “Black to White economy”, “Informal way of doing business to Formal”, “Cash to Digital”, “Nepotism to Meritocracy”, “Inefficient to Efficient”.  

AIF provides Fund Manager the freedom to pool funds and employ diverse investment strategies, use leverage, subscribe to preferential allotment, institutional placements etc. Minimum investment under AIF is Rs.1 Cr as per SEBI guidelines. Please contact us for more details.
INR Returns 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
EQ PMS -32.00% 9.41% 46.98% 11.42% 71.69% 57.03%
NIFTY 14.93% 10.25% 18.56% -8.85% 26.66% 17.81%

Performance of EQ India AIF in it’s first year of operation (Jul-17 to Mar-18) was 13.28% and for second year (FY19) was -25.22% vs Nifty returns of 0.93% and 14.93% respectively

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