EQ Saturday Sapience #39

Equity Intelligence 4th November 2023

India’s burgeoning economy and population are driving its energy demands, necessitating a balance between clean energy ambitions and economic growth. Meanwhile, Mark Cuban’s efforts to disrupt US Pharma could be great news for Indian pharma companies. While recent events highlight supply chain adaptability to adverse situations, the emphasis remains on the world’s interdependence and countering that could mean costly. Two recent podcasts featuring Stanley Druckenmiller and Charlie Munger have loads of wisdom for investors and entrepreneurs.

  • Given India’s growing economy and rising population, its energy needs are expected to quadruple in the coming decades. The country faces the unique challenge of balancing its ambitious clean energy targets with the economic development needed to ensure prosperity for its 1.4 billion citizens… Read more
  • Selling cut-price generics, Mark Cuban is shaking up US Pharma. Can Indian drug makers benefit?... Read more
  • The recent history of supply chains reveals an important truth. When bad things happen, markets can adjust fairly well. By contrast, as Napoleon realised, planning for the worst is likely to be costly. The upshot is that, despite talk of a supply-chain revolution, the world will remain largely interdependent. The more noticeable change will be the rising cost of doing business… Read more
  • Good summary of two great podcasts that came last week. While the conversation with Druckenmiller was all about the state of the world and markets, Munger shared anecdotes and wisdom. Both teach us that this business is difficultEven the best makes plenty of mistakes and battle their biases… Read more
  • “There are huge advantages for an individual to get into a position where you make a few great investments and just sit back and wait: You’re paying less to brokers. You’re listening to less nonsense. And if it works, the governmental tax system gives you an extra 1, 2, or 3 percentage points per annum compounded.” —Charlie Munger