EQ Saturday Sapience #52

Equity Intelligence 3rd February 2024

The conversation with Dr. Pramod Varma delves into India's digital innovations like Aadhaar, UPI, India Stack, and more, highlighting their impact. Meanwhile, industry professionals emphasize the need for a formalized policy to boost India's appeal as a tourism destination, as advocated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the tech world, Benedict Evans' annual presentation for 2024 will explore major trends, with a spotlight on AI. The year promises advancements in generative AI, electric vehicles, Apple's mixed-reality headset, and regulatory changes in social media and password security. However, the residential solar industry faces financial challenges despite potential benefits and government incentives like the 30% tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act, underscoring the need for wider deployment to meet residential electricity demands sustainably.

  • Aadhaar, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), India Stack, DigiLocker, DigiYatra, Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), Digital Public Goods (DPG), Digital Public Infrastructure, COWIN. Are you intrigued by the list of digital innovations listed above? This conversation with Dr. Pramod Varma gives great insights… Watch here
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the past few months, has been frequently talking about how India could be a sought-after tourism destination. So, what needs to be done to make destination India truly sought after? Tourism industry professionals say the need of the hour is to have a formalised policy… Read more
  • Every year, Benedict Evans produces a big presentation exploring macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. For 2024, ‘AI, and everything else’… Read more 
  • Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2024… Generative AI will remain huge, and we’ll also see big moves with electric vehicles, Apple’s mixed-reality headset, password security and regulation around social media… Read more 
  • These looming financial problems could topple the residential solar industry at a time when solar is supposed to be saving the world. Though solar represented just 3.4% of the nation’s electricity generation in 2022, studies show that rooftop solar could eventually meet residential electricity demand in many states if deployed widely, freeing American homes from dependency on fossil fuels. To help speed adoption, the Inflation Reduction Act extended a 30% tax credit for residential solar and battery installations. Still, the residential solar industry is floundering… Read more