EQ Saturday Sapience #53

Equity Intelligence 10th February 2024

India’s AI boom could exceed Satya Nadella’s expectations. The Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), currently under construction over 2,800 acres, has one dubious distinction that sets it apart. It has missed more deadlines for completion than any infrastructure project in the country. But now it is all set to open! Climate change mitigation, adaptation, policy making, individual contribution, etc. all are extremely relevant issues to be aware of. 

  • Satya Nadella’s commitment to skilling up two million Indians in tier-2 and tier-3 towns to work with artificial intelligence technologies is one of many signs that India could one day become a hub for AI. Nadella says AI could contribute at least 10% of India’s GDP by the time the country’s economy hits $5 trillion (it is around $3.8 trillion now)... Read more
  • After missing several deadlines, the New Mumbai airport looks all set to open this year... The urgency to get the airport up and running is evident on site where there are close to 8,000 construction and project-related workers. Around 250 staffers of the Adani site office come in every day to monitor the execution. As of November 2023, there has been 42% progress on the proposed first phase of construction work. The runway is 75-80% ready… Read more
  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have surged from 290 ppm in the 1870s to 421 ppm in 2022, exceeding the safe limit of 350 ppm and reaching the highest levels in millions of years. Climate Change is an extremely important discussion for humanity in general and this long but comprehensive group discussion is very insightful... Watch here
  • “The way you learn about businesses is by absorbing information about them, thinking, deciding what counts and what doesn’t count, relating one thing to another. And, you know, that’s the job. And you can’t get that by looking at a bunch of little numbers on a chart bobbing up and down, or reading market commentary and periodicals or anything of the sort. That just won’t do it. You’ve got to understand the businesses. That’s where it all begins and ends.” —Warren Buffett