EQ Saturday Sapience #55

Equity Intelligence 24th February 2024

A deep dive into India’s GDP and its intricacies, India is the third largest digitised country in the world after the US and China, India’s influence is rising in the Global South and Electric Highway plans are coming closer.

  • Unlocking India's Economic Potential - A GDP Deep Dive with Neelkanth Mishra and Mukesh Bansal… In this compelling podcast episode, they delve into the intricacies of India's economic landscape, focusing on the pivotal metric of growth - Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Neelkanth sheds light on the challenges of economic growth in a democratic setup, advocating for India's capacity to make tough decisions for sustainable development... Watch more
  • India 3rd largest digitised economy…In the SIDE 2024 report, the US ranks first with a score of 65 and China a close second with 62, India is third with a score of 39… Read more
  • Marhaba India! UAE in particular and West Asia in general are partnering India to grow the influence of the Arabian Sea region in global polity… Read more
  • With the battery swapping policy still in the works, the road ministry has identified about 700 points along greenfield expressways and east-west and north-south corridors for development of green wayside amenity centres equipped with various kinds of charging points for electric vehicles… Read more
  • “We don’t like complexity and we distrust other systems and think it many times leads to false confidence. The harder you work, the more confidence you get. But you may be working hard on something that is false. We’re so afraid of that process so we don’t do it.” —Charlie Munger