EQ Saturday Sapience #56

Equity Intelligence 1st March 2024

Household Consumption Expenditure Survey for 2022-23 has thrown some important data pointing towards reducing inequality and poverty levels in India, Electrification of factories could be next in path of clean environment journey globally, While refined petroleum and IT are poles apart in their import content of exports, employment generation and the share of labour income, their evolution is a classic example of the two most important words in economics: incentives matter and Green Hydrogen could play very important role in reducing emissions in energy intensive industries.

  • India’s development landscape has undergone a structural shift… One of the most important parameters related to development and progress in a large democratic country like India is the trend in absolute poverty. The government has just released a Fact Sheet pertaining to the Household Consumption Expenditure Survey (HCES) for the 2022-23 agricultural year… Read more
  • First electric cars. Next, electric factories?... They could be a major new way to slow global warming... Read more
  • A tale of India’s two big export industries: And a lesson on incentives… This is India’s refined petroleum industry, which contributes more than 20% to our merchandise exports in value terms. Contrast this with India’s leading services export: information technology (IT). Today, its exports in value terms are 1.5 times that of petroleum exports… Read more
  • Green Hydrogen BLUprint… 'Hydrogen…, given enough time, turns into people.' This statement beautifully captures the essence of hydrogen's journey from being the simplest element in the universe to becoming a fundamental part of life as we know it. Now, as we stand on the brink of a new era, hydrogen is poised to transform our world once again, this time through the lens of green energy… Read more
  • “Avoiding unnecessary risk is the single greatest imperative. Risk is always greatest at the peak but also the most underappreciated or recognized at the peak.” —Chris Bloomstran