EQ Saturday Sapience #62

Equity Intelligence 13th April 2024

Narendra Modi and the unstoppable rise of India, Zomato's Blinkit could be building a durable competitive advantage over other e-commerce players, When online goes offline; why brick-and-mortar is back in fashion, Little-known e-rickshaw companies are at the forefront of the country’s EV revolution.

  • Exclusive Interview: Narendra Modi and the Unstoppable Rise of India… Subjects covered ranged from the major economic advances made under Modi's leadership to the tension between infrastructure expansion and environmental concerns to India's relationship with China and criticism for allegedly curtailing press freedom and not bringing along the Muslims who represent some one in seven of India's population of 1.4 billion… Read more
  • Zomato's Blinkit has a great durable competitive advantage over Flipkart: Sanjeev Bikhchandani and Deepinder Goyal. The food tech platform's investor-founder duo believes the company's quick commerce business is well-positioned to beat competition and drive massive growth for Zomato in the next decade Read more
  • The wave of e-commerce triggered by India's new digital payment infrastructure and deeper penetration of the internet turned into a tsunami during the pandemic when people stayed locked in homes for long periods. But now it seems the brick-and-mortar retail is back with stores starting to regain their importance... Read more
  • India’s electric rickshaws are leaving EVs in the dust. Unlike the four-wheeler and two-wheeler industries, which are controlled by popular brands like Tata, Ola, and Ather Energy, three of the top five brands in the e-rickshaw segment — YC Electric, Dilli Electric Auto, and Saera Electric — have little to no brand recallRead more
  • “People underrate the importance of a few simple big ideas. And I think that to the extent Berkshire Hathaway is a didactic enterprise teaching the right systems of thought, I think that the chief lessons are that a few big ideas really work, as I think these filters of ours have worked pretty well. Because they’re so simple.” —Charlie Munger