EQ Saturday Sapience #71

Equity Intelligence 15th June 2024

Tata Communications-Nvidia AI cloud to target global customers, No white gold rush as the interest in Kashmir’s lithium reserves is lukewarm, Luxury wellness is booming as HNIs are shelling out big bucks to rejuvenate, and Learning from the history of US equity indices. 

  • The AI Cloud of Tata Communications and the U.S. chip giant Nvidia is likely to fetch customers from overseas markets besides its core audience in the domestic market. The impact of AI and machine learning is going to be profound across industries and every aspects of our lives… Read more
  • Lithium is a critical component in the global war against climate change and forms the bedrock of the batteries that power industries such as energy, consumer electronics and transport. The metal’s demand has zoomed in the last decade, earning it the moniker ‘white gold’, and is set to multiply manifold over the coming years. For an import dependent economy like India, the discovery of the reserves is a big deal, justifying the hype around its discovery. Why then is the industry reluctant to walk the talk?... Read more
  • There is a substantial rise in young Indians who are also seeking preventative wellness programmes. This boom in luxury wellness comes from the younger generation—people in their late 20s and 30s. They are taking their health very seriously, and doing all that they can to prevent ailments and ageing… Read more
  • In the realm of investing, human psychology often proves to be a significant hurdle. It's often noted that the best-performing accounts of private clients are those belonging to individuals who are either deceased or have forgotten about their existence. This phenomenon underscores the emotional biases that can impede investors—biases that the S&P 500 largely sidesteps… Read more
  • “Consistency and patience are crucial. Most investors are their own worst enemies. Endurance enables compounding.” — Seth Klarman